Mentoring Individuals with Disabilities (MIWD)

MIWD is the the primary program initiative of The Center for Writing and Communication

Helping individuals with disabilities secure sustainable, living-wage income is the goal! Through traditional employment or self-employment, MIWD provides tools and advocacy to increase disability inclusion in every workplace.


VR PR! Vocational Rehabilitation Public Relations

Voc rehab professionals (job developers, job coaches, program manages) are only able to dedicate a minimal portion of their day to engaging with business owners and hiring managers. VR PR provides free information for VR  professionals to use to increase employer awareness about the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities.

FREE Resources:

VR PR-Myth Busters

VR PR-ROI of Disability Inclusion


MIWD advocates through books, seminars, workshops, YouTube, social media (LinkedIn and Twitter), blogs, and other collaborations for individuals with disabilities.

The DisABILITY A-Player Plan:  Employee of the Month Every Month is available on Amazon.